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Our Mission

Inspired by a lust for life, we pride ourselves on pushing our team to not only be their best behind each service, but also to become the best version of themselves outside of Viridian. It is important to us that we all live a life we can be proud of. By prioritizing our team's personal life they are able to bring you the most attentive and dedicated beauty experience possible. 

Green Leaves


At Viridian Beauty Lounge we offer a variety of luxury services to aid in the comfort and convenience for all of your self-care and beauty needs. 

Services include:






Organic Airbrush Tanning


Green Leaves

Who We Are

At the core of who we are stands a collective of individuals with a shared passion for people, beauty and connection. We stand behind products that give back and who do their due diligence in being sustainable as well as cruelty free. It is a passion of the heart to uplift and aid in the successes of those around us. We fully support all of our salon guests who have their own businesses and love to make vital connections within our community. There is nothing we love more than everyone winning at their own game of life! Yes we are a beauty salon, yes we have highly trained professionals and quality artists for all of your needs, but together we have built an incredible platform for support and success. And it is in our hearts to share that love with anyone who wants it! 

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